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Folk Medicine & Birth Work

Education in folk medicines and women's wellness & wholeness. Medicines from the heart

Meet The Herbalist

Meet the Herbalist & Birth Attendant

Abigail Ruby

I was raised in Wisconsin, on Menominee land, by the Oak trees, fresh water, green flora and fungus. Like every child, I was connected to the natural world. As an adult, I have put much effort into regaining this lost connection and strengthening it daily. I have been practicing herbalism since 2016. I received a degree in Western Herbalism from SWIHA in 2020, studying under the wonderful JoAnna Sanchez. I am a doula, and a midwife in training. But mostly, I am devoted to being an eternal student and steward of the plant realms. 

As an herbalist and birth worker, I am honored to be one bridge from the medicine to the people.


My passions lie in women's health and wellness~ pregnancy & labor, herbal care for pain and shame with menstruation, fertility empowerment, home folk medicines, menarche celebrations, and womanhood reclamations.

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Take a look at the remedies created sustainably and with wild or organic herbs. 


Take a look at my online offerings. Book a consultation with me here.

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